قسم المحاسبة والمستودعات

قسم المحاسبة

Optima 2020 software allows you to fully control the movement of material, cost, and inventory control through Recording the entry movement through the purchase invoice Doing the manufacturing process As for direct manufacturing: upon sale, this process is called assembly of the material Or indirect manufacturing through the manufacturing record. Manufacturing minutes are prepared on a daily basis and downloaded to the program so that the raw material is consumed from the purchase invoice and removed from the warehouse and the salable or manufactured material is entered into the warehouse Recording the sales movement either from the sales invoice or the point of sale Purchase and sales invoices with the ability to create new patterns and amend them Recycle Bin: Enables you to delete the invoice temporarily and the ability to recover it Reports: material movement – material profits – inventory of goods – value of goods – returns Reports: the movement of material consumption by departments and groups Patterns for minutes of manufacture, destruction, transfer and inventory settlement Managing the cost of materials and adjusting them Flexible and fluid account tree with the ability to modify, add and delete Ready restriction bonds allowing new patterns to be created and modified Financial reports: ledger – account statement – final reports – trial balance …